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Territorial Identity essays

Territorial Identity essays Territorial identity is a feeling that have in common a group of people (territorial community), which is a clear definition of their territory. In fact, people don not relate themselves to a territory, but to its institutions, economic system, goals, and its destiny. The Territorial identity has two forces that are contradictory. The first one is the power to unify, while the second is the power to divide. It is the Nationalism or territorial identity that unified the German territory, which was initially divided into several politically and economically independent regions like Prussia and Bavaria. Fortunately, the leader of Prussia, Bismarck tried to indoctrinate the Germans with a national feeling. Although Bismarck could have had purely personal reasons (extending his rule and power), he is regarded in Germany as a hero and a successful leader. This strategy is still used by modern nation-states trough ideological state apparatus like flags, money, stamps, schools textbooks, and national anthems. In Morocco, in 1975, the king Hassan II organized the green walk, la marche verte. This walk was widely supported by the Moroccans because of this feeling that is territorial identity. In Morocco, Nationalism was used to unify Moroccans under the rule of the king Hassan the second. If Nationalism were used only to unify, I would have supported it unconditionally. As Dochacek stated : a territorial nation state is still considered a more efficient instrument than any alternative for coping with mens collective problems: it protects them against external dangers (or so they believe); maintains the internal order, and, taking up the collective challenges of modern economy and technology... social progress. In some cases, the territorial identity uses its other force, which the capability to divide. To better illustrate this case, I would state the example of Basque nationalists that aggreg ...

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The Role of Afro-Cubans in the 1898 War of Independence Essay

The Role of Afro-Cubans in the 1898 War of Independence - Essay Example Cubans used discrimination and the fable of cultural impartiality to repress the Afro-Cubans. In 1868, Liberation for Africans imprisoned in Cuba was a multifaceted procedure that had started on a striking level with the initiation of "The War of Independence" in opposition to its colonist, Spain. Oriente, Cuba, was the focal part of the Independence progress. The War of Independent initiated in October2. The basic, well-liked seize on this occasion sets off like a white landlord and slave proprietor, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes presented a speech identified as the "Grito de Yara", unchained his slaves and integrated them into his unsystematic armed forces as he confirmed battle against the Spanish kingdom. This is a trick that appears to be an attempt to cover Cespedes as a kind and caring white that acquired action as the consequence of being familiar with his natural racial discrimination and having a change of heart in the direction of slavery. Cespedes was born into a famous farm family that had be established their lands in 1517. As Carlos Manuel de Cespedes is well-known as a central character of the War of Independence, his contribution was merely after eastern Cuba's monetary endurance in jeopardy. Additionally to his prominent speech, he right away affirmed anybody inducing slaves to fight back would be punished to death. In Cuba, as there are quite a few Latin American states, white influential dishonesty was founded on fallaciously sustaining the fable of ethnic fairness in the country to seize on to defend the present social constitution of white supremacy. At the same time, the farmer's curiosity in the revolution in opposition to Spain was economic and motivated by selfishness and greediness. The Afro-Cubans were progressively more caught up in a severe attempt on the way to liberty and independence. The white farmers occupied in the revolution postponed sooner than they declared the elimination of slavery in th e rebellious region1. These same influential were unwilling to take in previous slave and free Afro-Cubans into the revolution. However, there was conflict from western and central Cuban farmers due to the elimination and imprisoning the revolution to eastern Cuba.3 The War of Independence ended with the notice of the Pact of Zanjon in 1878. Though, a lot of the Afro-Cuban activists discarded the deal on the floors as it did not achieve the objectives of the revolt which was to finish slavery and attaining sovereignty from Spain. Apart of the disappointment for the revolt was due to the deficiency of thriving union, but it must be cited that the willingness of the United States to trade the most up-to-date armaments to Spain but not to the Cuban revolutionaries did have an impact. One more cause was that some of the revolutionaries, who discarded the agreement, did on the basis of that it was a fake pledge that would not be kept back and time did demonstrated this measurement to be

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Article Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Article Summary - Essay Example However, to ensure strategic success, other factors such as government support, effective communication channels, and clear visions and missions play a major role. Elbanna kicks off by differentiating the term strategic management from strategic planning, asserting that the former is inclusive of execution, as well as the assessment of strategic plans. On the other hand, strategic planning is often used in the business world and is not as detailed as strategic management. He also carefully scrutinizes the concept of strategic management from its earliest days, and how much it has grown since then. He avows that one of the main challenges affecting the concept is the fact that it has always suffered as far as its popularity and success are concerned. For instance, in the 1950s, it was very popular but from 1970s to 1980s, its popularity lessened because most of the planning models that had been developed ended up failing. Therefore, some of the major drawbacks that came with strategic management were rigidity, unsuccessful participation of implementers and managers, lack of ingenuity as well as strategic thinking. However, from the 1990s, there have been major changes as most organisations are widely practicing it and related research and literature have heightened mostly in the UAE. The author goes into details by closely examining the use of strategic management concepts in the UAE, its popularity, and effects. He argues that the UAE has adopted most of the strategic management processes in an effort to enhance institutional performance. Consequently, it is cited as one of the most developed nations in Western Asia as far as the rates of market exchange and income are concerned. However, it is to be noted that success in most of the UAE public organizations is attributed to the fact that they have sufficient resources; hence, are able to implement western management approaches with ease. Therefore, in an effort to effectively examine the effects of

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Environmental Analysis Essay Example for Free

Environmental Analysis Essay As a way of promoting Skoal, the company utilizes print advertisements in magazines whose readers are 85% adults. Aside from this, the company also uses one-on-one events as a way to let the clients know more about Skoal and try out its products. Skoal’s promotions includes reach-out advertising, and it includes a very, very successful direct mail program that we have been running to adult smokers. In 2006, the company mailed to about 2.5 million adult smokers with a series of coupons and product information about Skoal and its products and have been very, very successful in converting about 5% of the people that we mailed to, to actual ongoing usage of moist smokeless tobacco products. (UST 2006 Analyst and Investor Conference) In addition, the company also has its own company website (http://www. ustinc. com/) and product website (http://www. skoalbrotherhood. com) that can be used as a tool for customers to access information about the product and the company 24/7. The product’s unique selling point is that it is the only smokeless tobacco that offers several flavors, cuts and pouches. In its advertisements, Skoal sports the tagline â€Å"A pinch better. † Skoal wanted to position to itself in its main target market’s mind as â€Å"the preferred way to experience tobacco satisfaction† a vision that positions the company not as a smokeless tobacco company, but as a tobacco company whose consumer universe is all tobacco consumers. (UST 2006 Analyst and Investor Conference) Pricing The company utilizes the prestige pricing strategy and this is congruent with the image the brand is trying to project. Since Skoal is the only smokeless tobacco that offers a variety of flavors, cuts and pouches, it is only right for them to charge a price premium to maximize their profits. Over its course of business, Skoal has undergone through several price changes. However, for the entire year of 2006, the company has not yet raised it prices. Murray Kessler, manager of Skoal said â€Å"Prices per can depends on how much we spend on the promotional front and it depends on what we do with the competitors. † (UST 2006 Analyst and Investor Conference) So far though, the company does not see the need to raise prices. Comparing Skoal to other brands, it charges much higher prices as compared to competitors like Couper, Cougar, Gold River, and Grizzly but there are a few brands like Hawken and Kodiac whose prices are higher than Skoal. Sister brand Copenhagen charges the same price as Skoal. Distribution Skoal products can be purchased in several websites online and also several retailers. The company uses extensive distribution channels and which became an edge for Skoal. UST’s long-established brands distributes through tens of thousands of small retail outlets, and the unwillingness of major tobacco companies to enter this market (due to the poor image and social unacceptability of the product) have made UST’s market position unassailable. (Industry Analysis 7) The company does not operate any retailing stores but instead relies on third party retailers to get their products to their target markets. So far, Skoal products can be found in the United States and some parts of Canada but the management is eyeing Eastern Europe as an opportunity to expand Skoal internationally. Conclusion Skoal has been successful in implementing its strategy. Currently, Skoal belongs to the top of mind awareness of its target market when it comes to smokeless tobacco with it capturing 78% of the market together with its sister brands. In order to maintain this position, further significant investments in advertisements, branding, and promotions must be undertaken.

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Solar Energy: The Ultimate Renewable Energy Resource Essays -- Argumen

The current use of fossil fuels as our main energy source has two drawbacks: their inevitable depletion and the pollution associated with combustion. These two drawbacks in addition to the growing concern of global warming has pushed for the development of more sustainable sources of energy, namely solar energy and its derivatives (i.e. wind power). Solar energy is appealing for its potential to meet all our demands, while proving to be a pollution free resource.(Bohn, 2009) Solar energy originates from the thermonuclear fusion reactions occurring in the sun. Leaving all the byproducts of the reactions behind in the sun, the energy that reaches the Earth is pure radiant energy. This energy represents the entire electromagnetic spectrum, ranging from x-rays to radio waves. Most of the sun’s energy, forty-three percent, is in the form of visible light, which can be harnessed for electrical production. The amount of energy hitting the Earth is incredibly large; by one calculation, a month of sunshine has the equivalent energy of all the planet’s used and unused fossil fuels.(Huang, 2007) However, the nature of solar energy has two disadvantages. The sun does not shine consistently throughout the day due to clouds and other atmospheric factors, which can be problem for constant electricity and heat production. Moreover, solar energy cannot be used for nighttime production. The other shortcoming is that the energy from the sun is a diff use source, that is, it falls over a wide area. In order to utilize this energy, it must be concentrated into a form and amount we can use, such as heat and electricity. These problems are addressed in the three steps used to harness the sun’s energy: collection, conversion, and stor... ... Need for Wind Power." International Journal of Heritage Studies 15.2/3 (2009): Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 14 Mar. 2015. 5 Huang, Y.F., et al. "Mitigating Environmental Pollution and Impacts from Fossil Fuels: The Role of Alternative Fuels." Energy Sources Part A: Recovery, Utilization & Environmental Effects 29.12 (2007): 1069-1080. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 14 Mar. 2015. 6 Kolbert, Elizabeth. â€Å"The Acid Sea.† National Geographic April. 2011: 100-121. Print. 7 Thomas, Chacko, Philip Jennings, and Dilawar Singh. "New Markets for Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems." AIP Conference Proceedings 941.1 (2007): 142-153. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 11 Apr. 2015. 8 Luckerson, Victor. "Glaciers Are Crumbling in Southern Antarctica Faster Than Previously Thought" May 22, 2015 Web. 25 Mar. 2015.

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Is Hard to Say Good Bye

Is Hard to say goodbye Death is probably the only thing in the world that is certain in life. As humans, we are born, we grow, we reproduce and lastly we die. It is the natural order and as natural as it may sound, human beings have different reactions to such an event. Throughout our lives, we influence or are influenced by people; these influences manifest themselves in the form of raising a child; being a teacher, babysitting etc. In all of these interactions, we create lasting relationships with those whom we come across when death happens to one of the involved parties; emptiness follows the surviving person.As a future nurse, and due to the nature of my occupation, I may be involved in a situation where I must deal with impending death. Emotions will begin to happen, on both ends. On my end I will be trying to help the patient, and the patient coming to terms with his or her destiny. In the following pages, I will discuss how my responses to the â€Å"Reflections on dying† may impact a therapeutic relationship with a mother of a three years old child who has six months to live. In such discussion, you will learn about my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and values regarding to death and patient relationships.Thoughts; Usually when I first hear of a death My thoughts on death begin with sorrow for the loss of a person who is significant on someone’s live. After meeting a patient who is a mother, and realizing that she does not have much time I will be deeply saddened to what is going to happen to her. I may develop feelings for the child’s well being. My second thought would be that of empathy. As a nurse I must show empathy, compassion, and strength at the same time towards patients. Showing emotions would most likely worsen an already sad situation.This patient is a mother of a three years old child; she will not see her baby grow up. Therefore, I will have the utmost empathy. Also, I will show strength. This is necessary to persuade the patient to live fully the time she has left. If I am the person breaking the news to her, I will be frank and to the point without keeping any information from the patient; since I believe that sugar coating the fact will lead to mixed feelings on the patient. I will tell her to make every day, every hour, and every second count and to enjoy her child in order to leave a lasting legacy.Feelings; after a while, my initial reaction to death Therapeutic relations with terminally ill patients will also involve mixed feelings. There will be a war inside of me, my thoughts will tell me to be strong, but my feelings will want me to feel extremely sad, sorrowful, and incompetent for not being able to help the patient. These feelings will linger every attempt to interact with the patient. It is natural for me to feel sad at the future loss; even when I’ve only known the patient since she started getting treated; still all life is precious. She is meaningful to many people, specially her child.I will definitely feel impotent, which will lead to anger for knowing that there is nothing that I can do to make her feel better. At that point, I will rely on my professionalism to expose and help me act accordingly. The reason why my feelings are normally strong is because when I was twelve years old, my grandmother died; she practically raised me. I spent more time with my grandmother at that time, than I had spent with my mother. I was asleep when I was told that she had died, and feelings began to run rampant. The anger, and sadness were unbearable, and ever since that moment, I have been very sensitive when it comes to death.Beliefs; My predominant emotion to death I believe that all life is valuable; this belief will influence my feelings but not my therapeutic relationships with my patient. Regardless of what I may believe, I know that it is my duty to provide treatment the best possible service to the patient. Being supportive to the patient, and her family membe rs are my priority. If I was in the patient’s shoes, I would like the nurse to bring me up instead of bringing me down in a time of need. I would want the nurse to tell me my condition as is; that way, I can make the right decisions with my life.Also I would like to have everything clear when it comes to my child, and I would like to live my couple of months as happy as possible and pain free. Values; the way I may grieve Integrity is one of the main values I hold dear. A person’s word is their bond; without integrity, our words mean nothing. From integrity, respect and dignity follow on my list of values. My thoughts will influence ethical decisions when conducting therapeutic counseling. They will also reaffirm with my feelings to ensure I manage myself with strength. In addition, treating all with respect and dignity are a priority in my values list.Therefore, when dealing with a patient; everything else stops and I pay full attention to the patient’s needs. I will provide information and suggestions on ways to stay healthy and happy, even thought the patient won’t survive for long I feel that is best to keep the patient happy and comfortable. Conclusion In the last few pages, I’ve explained my thoughts on death. How my initial reactions to death would be and how my thoughts would influence me. Then, I explained how my feelings would manifest, and how they would play a part during routine interactions with the patient.I shared my beliefs and the connection between my beliefs, and thoughts when dealing with loss. Finally, I discussed my values as they relate to death. No matter which situation we find ourselves in; being the ones receiving bad news or giving the bad news; we will react differently to such an unexpected event. As long as we treat others with the respect and dignity they deserve, and we show the empathy we can make a difference on a patient’s remaining lifetime. It does take courage to show strength, a nd humility to show empathy, but the satisfaction to know that we have done the right thing would provide comfort to keep us going.

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The Equal Protection Clause Of The Fourteenth Amendment

Recently, in the year 2013, there was a case brought to the Supreme Court’s attention that was first trialed in the district court. That case’s name was Fisher vs. University of Texas. It was in this case that the plaintiff, Abigail N. Fisher filed suit against the University of Texas with the claim that the University had violated the Equal Protection Clause of the 13th Amendment. The main question that arose in the question was, â€Å"does the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment permit the consideration of race in undergraduate admissions decisions†. The overall decision of the Supreme Court was that the University of Texas hadn’t violated the Equal Protection Clause, and in fact that they were permitted to consider race in the admissions process. I do agree with the Supreme Court’s decision. I agree with said decision because the argument made by the plaintiff Fisher was weak, and the rights of life and liberty weren’t in any way tampered with in the admissions process that the University of Texas was going through in the situation suited. Firstly, I’d like to talk of how and why Fisher’s claim and argument was weak. She didn’t really have a valid claim for the fact being that she was applying to a school that was trying to promote diversity at the time and still is today. A school that had an ethnic distribution of one percent American Indian, twenty percent Asian, five percent African-American, three percent Foreign, twenty-three percent Hispanic, oneShow MoreRelatedThe Equal Protection Clause Of The Fourteenth Amendment3764 Words   |  16 PagesThe equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution was at first created to protect against racial discrimination, but the Supreme Court later expanded the clause to also providing equal treatment amongst different races. The clause says, â€Å"No state shall†¦deny to any person within its jurisdict ion the equal protection of the laws† (U.S. Constitution. Art./Amend. XIV, Sec. 1.) A person could not be discriminated upon solely because of his or her race and if the law treated aRead MoreThe Equal Protection Clause From The Fourteenth Amendment1137 Words   |  5 PagesThe Equal Protection Clause derives from the Fourteenth Amendment, which specifies â€Å"no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws†¦Ã¢â‚¬  As a part of the Reconstruction Amendments, the aforementioned clause was meant to ensure racial equality in the Reconstruction Period and has been applied successfully against the affirmative action. Introduced in United States v. Carolene Products Co., the strict scrutiny has been applied to the cases, in which a fundamentalRead MoreA Closer Look At The Fourteenth Amendment s Equal Protection Clause2421 Words   |  10 PagesMarkus Allard Professor Anne Redding Administrative Justice 245 20 November 2016 A Closer Look At The Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause Our 14th amendment is perhaps the most important amendment because it helps defend some of our fundamental rights. This amendment extends the due process procedure to all citizens when trying to deprive them of life, liberty, or property. The amendment also ensures that everyone born in the United States or naturalized is guaranteed citizenship. ThisRead MoreThe Fourteenth And Fourteenth Amendment1018 Words   |  5 PagesThe Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendment Want to learn how everyone is equal? On May 17, 1954 the United States Supreme Court came to a decision that had immediate repercussions on the lives of black and white American citizens. Historic moment experiences have continually characterized these people into distinct racial and social entities. The thirteenth and fourteenth amendment had a positive affect on the problem of racism and segregation.The thirteenth amendment was created to abolishRead MoreThe Road Brown V. Board Of Education Of Topeka ( 347 U.s.1455 Words   |  6 PagesHistorical Setting The road to Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (347 U.S. 74 (1954)), is littered with many Supreme Court cases that have battled for equality in education. The Fourteenth Amendment strengthened the legal rights of newly slaves and became the stomping ground for many Supreme Court decisions. There were six separate cases concerning the issue of segregation in public schools that was heard and consolidated into the one case named Brown v. Board of Education. The cases includedRead MoreThe Constitution Of The United States1552 Words   |  7 Pagescountry for over 200 years. The Bill of Rights, also known has the first Ten Amendments of the Constitution, has protected the unalienable rights of citizens in the United State. Selective incorporation was used in order to nationalize the Bill of Rights and protect the immunities, rights, and privileges of all United States citizens within the states. The success of Selective Incorporation, along with the 14th Amendment, ensured that states could not put in place any laws that took away the constitutionalRead More 14th Amendment -EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW Essay939 Words   |  4 Pages EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW In school especially, as well as throughout our daily lives, we learn in America to live by the idea of freedom and equality for all. We do not allow race, class, or creed to determine a person’s stature in the community. It may seem as if this is the standard of society, but these ideas of equality have been fought over since the beginning of written history, and even in America today, prejudice still exists. To address these and similar problems, the founding fathersRead MoreEssay on Affirmative Action1018 Words   |  5 Pagesconsideration. The Fourteenth Amendment states that no person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance. As a result, Affirmative action is not consistent with the Fourteenth Amendment. In this essay, I will first discuss the violation of Affirmative Ac tion against the Fourteenth Amendment. Second, how AffirmativeRead MoreThe Rights Of State Governments And The Federal Government1442 Words   |  6 Pages1868, the Fourteenth Amendment was ratified stating â€Å"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protectionRead MoreLoving V. Virginia, Introduction, Facts, Legal Background1567 Words   |  7 PagesLoving v. Virginia Interracial marriage: Respecting the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment. I. INTRODUCTION This case note will examine the 1967 landmark Supreme Court case of Loving v. Virginia. The Loving v. Virginia case touched on constitutional principles including equality, federalism, and liberty. Just over 30 years ago, it was a crime for interracial couples in Virginia to marry, or to live as husband and wife. Prior to the 1967 case of Loving v. Virginia